Monday, May 19, 2008

NG- March 13 -15-18

13 March 2008 11:45 AM. RVP
1 female NG; EOB; 200 feet. OT- 5 minutes; the bird was rising to 500 feet elevation and drifting away.
15 March 2008 11 AM. RVP
1 NG; EOB-200 feet. OT-20 seconds; as I was playing pickleball. The bird was about 45 degrees off my zenith. Bird had a large, (puffy?) area of white under tail coverts. Naked eye - probably mature (fully).
18 March 2008 5 PM. RVP
1 NG; the bird was pumping and gliding; flapping (as a NG flaps). EOB- about 150-200 feet. OT- 1-2 minutes. I know what that bird was doing and where it was going! It was going home to roost.

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