Sunday, May 18, 2008

1 UC. Dove

26 February 2008 9:15 AM. RVP
1 Eurasian C. Dove - on 25 February, I received a report of a probable UC. Dove in the RV park on a tall antenna over the mail room. The bird was heard and seen - naked eye. In the morning, I saw the bird in trees and shrubs, near the main office of the RVP, then on the antenna. The bird flew as a Band -tailed Pigeon, and had a white-gray, very thick terminal band, as seen from underneath. When perched, the under tail (folded) was light gray. This was the same bird reported in my field notes on 20 February; perched and flying on the road in front of the RVP. At that time I called the bird (unknown dove).

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