Sunday, May 18, 2008

male Goshawk

20 February 2008 10:30 AM. RVP
1 male Goshawk; near the entrance of the RVP. EOB-50 feet. The bird was moving slowly. I gave chase on bike. I saw, seconds later, perched on a tall antenna, a mature male Cooper's Hawk. I continued the chase. I know that this is the case revolving about a non- hawk watcher's logic; when seeing the perched mature male Cooper's Hawk, the non- hawk watcher (birder) would give up the chase; thinking the perched accipiter was the accipiter that was seen in flight seconds before. I proceeded to look for the Goshawk; I swung right toward the desert scrub. At elevation of about 100 feet was the male Goshawk soaring and flapping (as a Goshawk flaps). Many photos were taken, all deleted. The bird rose to 200 then 300 feet. The bird joined with 2 Ravens. Then 5 more ravens joined the soaring. I chased them across the sky. Near my RV, I gave up the chase. Within 5 seconds the Goshawk swooped to elevation of 10 feet nearby. I again gave chase. Now the bird was heading toward the owl and its nest. On the way the Goshawk came very close to the perched Cooper's Hawk; neither bird became excited. The NG proceeded out toward the desert scrub.

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