Saturday, May 17, 2008

female Goshawk

8 February 2008 11:05 AM. RVP
1 mature female Goshawk: EOB- 100 feet. OT- about 5 minutes. 2 photos were keepers, one better than the other. The photo shows red vermiculation on chest and under wing coverts.
14 February 2008 11:00 AM. Continental Ranch (lake), Marana area.
With Bert Jackson; 1 Snowy Egret; in water and in flight. I also think I saw enough of a perched bird to say it was probably a Purple Finch. Around 12 February in the desert scrub at elevation of less than 3,000 feet, in Tucson: 2 sets of Purple Finches. Only 1 bird of each set was seen well enough to make my decision. One partner of one bird's tail was also seen - the tail was short and deeply forked. I am very excited of these observations, and the sighting of 14 February. I am impressed with Cornell's Web Site - drawings - of the Purple, Cassin's, and House Finch. Of course, the words relating toward the identification should be heeded.
Identifying a male or female Purple Finch is not at all difficult!! Size matters - shape matters! Size and shape of bill and tail matters! Color matters - extensiveness of color does not matter; Don't complicate the issue! Facial markings of the female Purple Finch ( the 3 similar finches) matters!

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