Saturday, May 17, 2008

female Goshawks

6 February 2008 10:20 AM. RVP
1 mature female Goshawk; hunting. The bird was over the desert scrub and the RV resort. EOB- about 200 or more feet. OT- about 5 minutes. 7 photos were taken - 3 keepers. I am spending more time in the field (sky), therefore, I am obtaining more than my average number of Goshawk sightings. And my field notes - to be converted to a blog in May 2008, will show the increase in my sightings. One of the photos show red vermiculation on the chest and under wing coverts. ALSO- 1 female Gos; 1 PM. at Pantano Drive and Irvington. OT-5 minutes or more. EOB- about 300 feet or more. There were small flocks of pigeons in various areas of the sky, near the Goshawk. This Goshawk happened to have stiff, flat wings - but the wing beats were very deep, also the wings were very long. Bright sun; no clouds.

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