Saturday, May 17, 2008

Goshawks female doubles

16 February 2008 1:10 PM. RVP
2 female NG; OT- 4 minutes. EOB- 200 feet, rising to about 500 feet. The hawks were S, F (as a NG flaps), circling, and drifting away. ALSO- 3:30 PM. 1 mature female (?) NG. The bird was low, possibly less than 100 feet and appeared to be going toward ground. I was about 500 yards away. OT- 30 seconds. ALSO- at about 3:45 PM., I went to track the Goshawk, on bike with camera; no luck. So, on my return , I saw in flight; 1 mature male NG. EOB-100 then 300 feet. 7 photos were taken. At least 2 are deleted, yet some of the photos are keepers. OT- about 4 minutes. Actually 3 are deleted!

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