Thursday, May 15, 2008

female Goshawk perched and flying

23 January 2008 2:05 PM. RVP
1 female Goshawk; mature. The bird was flapping leisurely and moving leisurely over the RV park. EOB- about 100 feet. There was no sun or shadows, yet the bird was low enough and enough to my side for me to notice the marking of the head, which showed that the bird was fully mature. OT- about 20 seconds. After a 5 minute walk to get into a more open area, I found the Goshawk; perched on a telephone pole off in the desert scrub. I did not pursue the bird, as I did not have my camera. OT- 5 minutes. ALSO- at 3:05 PM. - 1 mature NG; probably male. The bird was flapping (as a Goshawk flaps) and gliding over the RV park. EOB- about 300 feet. OT- about 1 minute.

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