Saturday, May 17, 2008

Goshawk 3 sightings

5 February 2008 9 AM.
1 Goshawk; far out, over the desert scrub; the bird rapidly heading northward. The bird was flapping (as a Goshawk flaps) and gliding. EOB- about 200 feet. OT- 1 minute or more. ALSO- 1 female Goshawk; 10 AM. The bird was chased, and appeared to put down; chased by 2 Ravens. The bird appeared to be female [and was]. I chased with camera on bicycle. 15 minutes later, the bird was at elevation of about 200-300 feet.The bird was a female Goshawk; the bird was flapping (as a Goshawk flaps) and soaring, circling, and drifting. OT- 2-3 minutes. ALSO; 1 Goshawk; 3:05 PM.; Wal-mart parking lot, on Kolb and Speedway. The hawk was flying over Speedway at elevation of about 100 feet. OT- 30 -40 seconds. The bird was slowly and leisurely, flying along side of Speedway. The wing beats were slow, deep, and relaxed (as a Goshawk can fly in this manner). The wings in a glide had a distinct large arm-small hand with pointed tip configuration. The belly and chest had red vermiculation. It is possible the under wings also had red vermiculation.

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