Wednesday, May 14, 2008

male Goshawks

6 November 2007 sun up 6:50 AM. RVP
1 male Goshawk; the bird was pumping rapidly and gliding, on the same straight course. EOB- about 200 feet. OT- about 1 -2 minutes. The bird was "going to work".

Also- 1 immature male Goshawk; 9:15 AM. Agua Caliente Park
My wife and I and 3 other birders had separated from the main birders group. My wife pointed to a raptor in the sky. The bird was flapping- with deep, rapid, flexible wing beats; the bird was also circling. Then the bird headed toward us - at an elevation of about 100 feet. The bird glided overhead. The chest and belly had thick black, extensive streaking. Later on, my wife commented: the bird had checkerboard pattern on chest and belly. OT- 1 minute or more.

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