Saturday, May 17, 2008


4 February 2008 2:15 PM. RVP
1 Goshawk hunting; after the heavy rain - the clouds departed and came bright sun. I went outside to look for Goshawks. within 2 minutes a Goshawk was hunting near overhead. EOB- 200-300 feet. OT- 2 minutes. Then a steep stoop - 300 yards away, into the residents' homes. 3-4 photos were taken - they were useless. I tried to track the bird, but no luck. ALSO- 4 PM.; 1 mature Goshawk. Again, the stormy weather dissipated and over my RV was a Goshawk hunting. EOB- about 100 feet or less. OT- about 30 seconds. The bird went away in level flight. I tried for 30 minutes, with camera to locate the bird. The location was the same as bird of 2:15 PM. As I have published - abrupt weather changes can be use full toward finding Northern Goshawks.

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